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April 18, 2020
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Acacia Honey


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What is Acacia?

The Arabic Gum tree (Acacia nilotica), locally known as “Kiker”, is common tree in many parts of Pakistan. Acacia are being used for a variety of purposes. It has a long history in civilizations as ancient as the Egyptians and the aboriginal tribes of Australia. Acacia trees parts & flowers have been used in variety of herbal & Ayurvedic medicines for centuries.

Source = Acacia Flowers

Color / Appearance = Light Golden to golden

Benefits of Acacia Honey

Acacia honey is used for its antiseptic, healing and antimicrobial properties, low pollen content, and its natural antioxidants.

Acacia honey is quite unique in the world of honey. To start with, it is low in sucrose content and a high fructose. This makes it a better choice for those who might be sensitive to sugar. Acacia honey is famous for its medicinal qualities too.

There are actually over 300 types of honey in the world. Acacia honey is one that comes from the black locust or false acacia tree. This is a light-colored or even clear honey, and has a mild but sweet taste. Acacia honey has a delicate flavor that has hints of vanilla. Produced from the nectar of thee acacia flower, this s perhaps one of most sought after honeys in the world.

It can be used in the same way as any other honey, stirred into beverages or used in baking. Because acacia honey is so pure, it has a lightly sweet, mildly floral flavor that doesn’t overtake other flavors, making it a nutritious sweetening option.

Acacia honey shares all the usual health benefits of other honeys, but it also has some unique properties of its own. Here are some of the best know:

  1. Natural Energy Booster

    Noticed how a sugar high leads to a rapid energy crash and burn more often than not? It’s time to ditch the energy drinks and forget your coffee fix. Use honey instead of sugars and sweeteners in your tea, baked goodies or spread to it on a hot toast. Its natural sugars even prevent fatigue during exercise, so it is also good for improving athletic performance. The glucose in honey is absorbed by the body quickly, giving an immediate energy boost, while the fructose provides sustained energy since it is absorbed more slowly. Honey has also been found to keep levels of blood sugar fairly constant in comparison to other types of sugar.
  2. Makes immune system stronger

Like other forms of honey, Acacia also has naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide. This protects us against infections and reduces the immune system’s strain. Hence one who eats acacia regularly will have an empowered immune system which can easily resist all kinds of common diseases.

  1. Keeps chronic diseases away

Honey is rich in antioxidants which can reduce the negative results of oxidative stress. This process also lowers the speed of cellular mutation to keep chronic diseases at bay.

  1. Honey for Weight Loss

    It is believed that drinking warm water with honey and a splash of lime first thing in the morning is an effective anti-cellulite treatment, as it helps to increase body metabolism. But with 64 calories per tablespoon, how can honey help you shed those extra pounds? According to a 2010 study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, honey helps control your appetite. If you consume honey before bed, the body begins to burn more fat during those early hours of sleep. You can even take a step further and replace all refined sugar in your diet with honey in order to rebalance the brain signal that compels you to consume more sweet stuff.
  2. Useful in skin care

The honey is rich in minerals including iron, zinc, calcium, copper and vitamin C. There are many antioxidants present in honey which can improve the appearance of your skin by treating scars, blemishes and burn signs

  1. Least allergenic honey variety.

Acacia flowers have been shown to produce less pollen than other types of flowers that bees produce honey from. This causes acacia honey to have a low pollen content, hence the reason it is the least likely to cause allergic reactions. However, people with multiple pollen allergies are advised to avoid any source of pollen until they have a skin prick test to see which pollen, they are actually allergic to. Although the number of allergic reactions to acacia honey is considerably lower compared to the number of allergic reactions to other types of honey, it is still possible to be allergic to this particular type.

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